News & Events

May 2024: Kasey presented her work at the departmental Undergraduate Poster Session, hosted by SMACS.

April 2024: Congratulations to all six Schmitt Lab undergraduate students who were selected for commencement awards and summer undergraduate research fellowships! We are very proud of our undergraduates and their accomplishments.

The lab enjoyed the partial solar eclipse in Los Angeles in Court of Sciences!

March 2024: Danielle and Kasey attended Discover BMB in San Antonio, TX. Kasey presented a poster.

Members of the lab attended the 2nd SoCal Metabolism Symposium at UC Irvine, and Jack presented a poster!

The Schmitt Lab has been awarded a UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Strategic Plan Aligned Project Grant. This small pilot grant will support our work developing biosensors for imaging metabolism across scales. We are very grateful to JCCC for supporting our work!

The lab had a happy hour to celebrate the end of the winter quarter.

February 2024: Danielle and collaborator Tara TeSlaa attended the CZI Measuring Metabolism Across Scales Kickoff Meeting in Silicon Valley. Thank you again CZI for supporting our collaborative work to measure and manipulate methionine metabolism!

December 2023: We held the Annual Schmitt Lab Holiday Party! No one succeeded in finding the pickle hidden in the Christmas tree.

Danielle attended Cell Bio 2023 and presented a poster. The Young Hall 5th Floor Labs got together for dinner in Boston.

November 2023: We had our First Annual Bouhaddou-Schmitt Labs Beach Bonfire!! We had a great time roasting s’mores and relaxing on the beach.

October 2023: A collaborative project with Dr Tara TeSlaa (UCLA DGSOM) has been selected for funding by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative as part of their “Measuring Metabolism Across Scales” program. Our project seeks to develop and use genetically encoded organelle-targeted tools to manipulate and measure metabolism across scales. You can learn more about our project here.

We have received the 2023 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award! This $1.5 million award will be used to develop new biosensors for metabolites to study compartmentalized regulation of metabolism. This is also the lab’s first NIH grant!

September 2023: Danielle has been awarded an ASCB IPERT Travel Award to attend Cell Bio 2023 in Boston, MA.

July 2023: Danielle has been awarded a UCLA Faculty Career Development Award by the UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion! This award will support ongoing work on multiplexed imaging of metabolic regulation.

June 2023: Congrats to Jack for being awarded a Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant Fellowship!

Danielle completed the American Society for Cell Biology’s Accomplishing Career Transitions Program. This program provided structured mentoring and career development for the postdoc-to-PI transition.

Congrats to Alexia for graduating from UCLA with her BS in Biochemistry and Departmental Highest Honors. Alexia also received the Daniel E. Atkinson and Charles A. West Commencement Prize in Metabolic Biochemistry. Congrats, Alexia!

May 2023: Congrats to Kasey Parks for receiving the Susan Elizabeth Baumgarten Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Michael Sun for receiving the Boyer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Kasey and Michael were honored at the Departmental Awards Ceremony. You can read more about their awards here.

Danielle participated in Scialog: Advancing BioImaging in Tucson, AZ!

February 2023: The Schmitt Lab has joined the UCLA Molecular Biology Institute

Danielle has joined the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Faculty.

October 2022: Danielle’s review detailing genetically encodable regulation of kinase signaling has been published in Current Opinions in Chemical Biology.

Danielle has joined the UCLA Institute for Quantitative & Computational Biosciences Faculty.

July 2022: Danielle’s paper using a new AMPK activity reporter to uncover mechanisms for subcellular AMPK activity has been published in Nature Communications.

May 2022: The Schmitt Lab will be opening in Fall 2022 at UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!